Clean Smarter with the TASKI Swingobot 2000 Floor Scrubber by Diversey

Clean Smarter with the TASKI Swingobot 2000 Floor Scrubber by Diversey

A Continuous Scrubber for Large Facilities


Some Greeno Supply customers require continuous  floor scrubbing devices to keep their larger facilities in pristine condition. To keep their facilities clean, our customers are thinking about investing in robotic scrubber optionsOne of these is the TASKI Swingobot 2000 floor scrubber from Diversey. While this is a new device, its technology has been around for 25 years, and has been incorporated into 11 generations of machines.


The device has been a global success, so continue reading to see what this machine can do for your facility.


Swingobot's Main Features


 Swingobot 2000 


The Swingobot 2000 robotic scrubber has a large 25-gallon tank, and can operate for up to 4 hours on a single battery pack. Extra battery packs can be purchased separately. Once activated, the Swingobot 2000 will clean 12,000 square feet per hour, at a rate of 1.1 miles per hour. The scrubber’s onboard sensors provide it with a 360-degree view, creating a hands-free experience for the operator. 


During a recent floor scrubbing demonstration, the floor was so dry after the cleaning that we thought the machine was not using any water. Despite this, the floor was noticeably cleaner that it was before. Thanks to its patented squeegee design, the scrubber uses 76% less water than competing models, so it leaves virtually no water behind. This makes the device much safer for employees.


At the end of a cleaning session, the scrubber communicates with the operator through a detailed report sent to the operator’s cell phone. These reports show the login time, the time the shift ended, and all areas the scrubber cleaned. This allows the operator to get a full picture for how much work the device put in.


The Scrubber’s Mapping System



One of the Swingobot 2000’s advanced features is its built-in mapping system. Before the cleaning process begins, the facility is “mapped” into sections by the scrubber’s onboard computer. The computer can hold an unlimited number of maps, so you can create several routes for the scrubber to travel on.


The Swingobot 2000 must start from a designated, programmed starting point in your facility, and needs one guide wall to read off of. It is optimal to have 6.5-inch-wide aisle spans or more in your facility, and the less obstructions there are, the better.


Safety Features

Various safety features have been installed (both hardware and software) to ensure that the?device works?safely in all kind of environments.  As the scrubber follows its mapped instructions, it automatically stops when there is an obstruction in front of it, even if that instruction is another person. Following the pause, the device will navigate around the obstruction, and continue on its regular route.


The scrubber’s material keeps it strong and durable, reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do throughout its lifespan.


More Information


A ROI (Return on Investment) Report can be generated to find out if the Swingobot 2000 is a financial fit for your facility.  The information needed for this report is your cleanable square footage, the number of cleaning days you need per week, daily cleaning hours, and the cost per hour for a fully loaded staff. The Return on Investment on the purchase of the Swingobot 2000 is usually one year.


The Swingobot 2000 also comes with a 2 year warranty. The initial price includes the machine, training, and an initial mapping of your facility. Training is straight forward, since the scrubber’s touchscreen will prompt you through all the functions that are available to you. 


Contact Greeno Supply today for more information, or view the official product page if you are interested in purchasing this item.