Pregis Easypack® Quantum XT: Easy-to-Use Void Fill Packaging System

Pregis Easypack® Quantum XT: Easy-to-Use Void Fill Packaging Syste

An Alternative to Newspaper Packaging

Newsprint is a popular and inexpensive option for void fill packaging.

However, prices spiked this year due to limited supply (more than a dozen mills in the U.S stopped making newsprint) and tariffs on Canadian imported newsprint that jumped to their highest levels in a decade. Because of these market conditions, many of our customers called us looking for alternatives to newsprint as void fill packaging.

Greeno Supply has a few vendors that have paper packaging machines that create void fill from paper rolls and sheets, notably Pregis. Pregis has an inside-the-box protection alternative to newsprint called Easypack® Quantum™ XT. Continue reading to learn more about its features.

User-Friendly Features

Easypack XT Loading 

The main highlight of this void fill packaging system is how easy it is to operate. The paper rolls are easy to load, so you can load it up for work in a matter of seconds. In addition, the system’s patented floating-head design virtually eliminates paper jams during the filling process.

Finally, the system’s intuitive interface makes it easy for any employee to learn how it operates.

Advanced Ergonomics

Easypack XT Tearing 

The enhanced ergonomics of this packaging system are also noteworthy. The system’s telescoping head helps to minimize the amount of motion the operator will need to put in to fill packages. This makes the overall process more comfortable and less strenuous for employees.

The system’s bladeless tear assist does not involve the use of any cutting blades, removing any risks and safety hazards during the packaging process.

Other Features

  • Pre-sets allow operators to set the machine to dispense paper of varying lengths
  • Controls paper consumption and ensures consistency
  • Environmentally responsible: made from 100% recycled and biodegradable paper

This solution costs more than newsprint, but the additional cost may be outweighed by the benefits of less strain on packers that are crumpling newsprint with their hands, more consistent packing, and a faster, more automated process.

Want to learn more about the Easypack® Quantum™ XT? Contact Greeno Supply today!