When to Use Paper Tape Instead of Plastic Tape

Paper tape is known by many names including:  water-activated tape, gummed tape, gum tape, kraft tape, and reinforced tape.  This tape can come in reinforced and non-reinforced forms, creates a superior seal on your corrugated boxes, and tends to be more consistent than using plastic tapes. 

Many boxes are recycled today.  Very often the recycled box material contains plastic.  This makes it difficult for many plastic tapes to create a good enough seal. Paper tape can solve this issue.

If you are experiencing issues applying tape because your facility is too hot, too cold, or too dusty, then paper tape may be for you.  Paper tape will create a superior seal in each of these environments.

If your staff is packing and sealing a high volume of boxes, it is possible that they are experiencing a repetitive motion injury.  Applying tape with hand tape guns can cause repetitive motion stress.  In this case you should seriously consider paper tape and paper tape dispensers.   There are a wide volume of paper tape dispensers that can help in this area including dispensers that dispense the same length of tape each time automatically.

Another advantage of using paper tape is that you will need to use less of it than plastic tape.  The tendency of packers and shippers is to apply 2 and even 3 strips of plastic tape.  Paper tape creates such an efficient seal that you only need one strip of tape.  Saving time and tape.

Other features of paper tape include the ability to print your message on the tape.  Amazon currently prints on paper tape fort their Amazon Prime service.  Paper tape can also be recycled. 

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