Custom Made Trash Liners

Most often, trash Liners are standard cookie cutter sizes and thicknesses re:  24" x 32", 40" x 46", 1 mil, 16 micron etc.  

Many of our customers would like a variation of the standard liners that all distributors consider "stock" liners.  They may want an adjustment in the thickness of the liner, size (to better fit their trash cans), or they would like them on a roll instead if flat in the case. 

Most of our customers want a custom liner to save money.  If a customer is presently buying a 1 mil liner, going to a .8 mil liner will save 20% on liner costs since 20% less plastic is used in the bag.

Greeno Supply works with over 500 different vendors including many trash liner and bag manufacturers.  Our trash liner manufacturers allow Greeno to sell at competitive pricing due to their high volume production and economies of scale.  

Customers that have requested custom trash liners include schools, health care facilities, commercial cleaning, facility management, and manufacturing.

In order to form a competitive price quote we would need to know the following information: 

Size of trash liner
Thickness- mil or micron
Number of liners per case
On a roll or flat
Number of cases per order

To inquire about custom trash liners please email us at [email protected]  or call Craig at 800-273-2308.