Greeno Donates to Gandara Center Frozen Yogurt 5 k- August 30th, 2015

Greeno made a donation to the upcoming Gandara charity event in August.

Pictured below is Lisa Brecher, Director Public Relations/Fund Development for Gandara, and Rory Miller from Greeno Supply.

Below is the description of this event taken from the Gandara web site.

All proceeds from the 5K will go directly to our Family Fund. The fund was established to help provide our clients with needs often not met through our services alone. Going this extra step in giving our clients the support that they deserve aside from the services they receive is what we take pride in. We believe in the whole being and understand the hardships people face may be affecting their overall health and the choices that they are able to make.

Your contribution could buy a bed for a child who has spent her first six years sleeping on the floor. You could be providing an outfit for a recent graduate of our substance abuse recovery home to wear as she starts the journey towards independent living and begins her job search. Or perhaps you’ll be funding little league expenses so that one of our youth can have his first taste of what it means to be part of something. It’s amazing what an empowering effect a recreational activity can add to the life of a child that has so little.

Come run or walk with us on Sunday, August 30th in beautiful downtown Northampton and help support the well-being of the most vulnerable children, adults and families in our region. As a thank you, you’ll enjoy local, healthy and delicious frozen yogurt thanks to the good people at Go-Berry!

Children 12 and under are free.

Come for the cause, Stay for the yogurt!

To sign up go to: